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SubjectRe: Athlon possible fixes
Seth Goldberg wrote:
> and rebooted, the system stayed up a lot longer, but it still crashed (I
> was in Xwindows and the crash was partially written to the log file)
> after around 3 minutes of work in X.

Hmm, I'm wondering if this could be same bug that I'm seeing with ASUS
A7V133 & Duron/800 when using IDE autotuning (PDC20265).

Still haven't got any replies suggesting any reason for lockups I'm seeing
(no oopses). Or is the Promise driver just buggy, because system is solid
with noautotune. RAID5 (md) on that server is just little bit sluggish with
~1.7 MB/s transfer rate... I should have stayed with SCSI disks...

Can't use the VIA controller either, because there are four HDDs and one CD
and the system can't boot from CD connected to Promise controller (I

Is there somewhere some up-to-date list of "don't buy that hardware"?

- Jussi Laako

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