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SubjectRe: DISCOVERED! Cause of Athlon/VIA KX133 Instability
>Maybe, but the IWILL board is the only one we've heard about problems with.

I have also stability problems with an ASUS A7V133. I already have the
1004-d2 bios which should fix the VIA IDE problems. But my hard drives are
connected to the promise controller of the board. Only 2 CD-drives are on
teh VIA-Chip.

I am quite sure that my problem was introduced with 2.4.3-ac7, because, the
board is rock solid up to kernel 2.4.3-ac6 or with the Madrake 8 kernel.
But If I try to put some load on 2.4.3-ac7 or above I get lock ups. Even the
magic sysrq does not work. No matter if compiled for athlon Pentium II or
No matter if I use the mandrake 8 gcc 2.96 or a self compiled gcc 2.95.3.
The problem also occurs on kernel 2.4.4.

Bytheway there is a thread called "ABit KT7A-RAIN random lock ups "
It might be related to one of the Athlon/VIA problems.


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