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SubjectPossible README patch

Information in the README file says that when patching, the -p0 option is
used with patch (eg tar xvzf <patch>.tar.gz | patch -p0). However I have
never got this to work as I always get something like "can't find file to
patch at line 5". However, replacing -p0 with -p1 seems to work perfectly.
Maybe the penguin doesn't like me, but still, whenever I've downloaded
patches I had to say -p1, not -p0...

anyone else have to do this? If so, here's a wee patch for it.. (bear with
me, it's my first one :)

Duncan Gauld

-- README Sat May 5 09:51:36 2001
+++ README Sat May 5 09:52:24 2001
@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@
install by patching, get all the newer patch files, enter the
directory in which you unpacked the kernel source and execute:

- gzip -cd patchXX.gz | patch -p0
+ gzip -cd patchXX.gz | patch -p1

- bzip2 -dc patchXX.bz2 | patch -p0
+ bzip2 -dc patchXX.bz2 | patch -p1

(repeat xx for all versions bigger than the version of your current
source tree, _in_order_) and you should be ok. You may want to remove
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