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SubjectRe: REVISED: Experimentation with Athlon and fast_page_copy
On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 12:10:06AM +0600, Bobby D. Bryant wrote:
> They do boot PIII kernels reliably for all those variants, though they still
> suffer occasional oopses, hangs, or crashes (as discussed in other threads).

and as happens with my SMP pIII VIA-based boxed (and I've finally
fixed the memory, so I no longer get the oopses, just solid
hardware hangs).

> However (and here's the part I haven't mentioned before), yesterday I switched
> one of them to a new mb with a non-VIA chipset (Asus A7A266), and it booted the
> first Athlon kernel I tried (2.4.4). No other changes to .config, same
> processor as before, same memory, same disks, same video, same case, same power
> cord, you name it.

damn. I guess the saving of 200$ on the MSI has probably been
300$ down the drain :(

John Lenton ( -- Random fortune:
If you treat people right they will treat you right -- 90% of the time.
-- Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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