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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] pegasus + MediaGX: Oops in khubd, the continuing story?
> The Oops'es are mostly in the khubd process, but they sometimes appear in other
> programs (insmod, ifconfig). They always lead to an immedate panic, and nothing

I suspect the ohci driver currently. I've been reviewing it a little and it
is full of code written by someone who does not know about pci write posting.


writel(value, pciaddr)

is a queued operation. So

writel(value, foo)

might not do the writel into the delay is over or during it. PCI makes
guarantees that

- writes will go out in order and will be merged only if prefetchable set
- multiple writes to the same addr will remain multiple writes
- reads will not complete until the writes do

This applies in both directions - bus mastering nasties abound notably

writel(STOP, reg->dmactrl)

is dangerous

You have to do

writel(STOP, reg->dmactrl);
[read forces write, read reply will follow any DMA
pending the other way]

I've not attempted to fix it yet

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