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SubjectRe: smp_send_stop() and disable_local_APIC()
"Matt D. Robinson" <> writes:

> It looks like around 2.3.30 or so, someone added the call
> disable_local_APIC() to smp_send_stop(). I'm not sure what the
> intention was, but I'm getting some strange behavior as a result
> based on some code I'm writing.
> Basically, I'm doing the following ...
> panic()
> {
> /* do whatever you want, notifier list, etc. */
> smp_send_stop();
> write_system_memory();
> /* then do whatever */
> }
> write_system_memory() does a write of all system memory pages to some
> block device. It uses kiobufs as the way to get the pages to disk,
> doing brw_kiovec() on those pages (using either the IDE or SCSI
> driver to write the data).

IDE being less likely to hang than SCSI as it tends to use legacy isa
interrupt lines.

> The wierd behavior I see is that sometimes, smp_send_stop()
> being called causes the system to hang up (not every time).

Doing event driver i/o after disabling the interrupt controller
hmm, I wonder why...

> If we don't call smp_send_stop() on those systems, everything works fine.
> This looks to be directly caused by the disabling of the APIC, which
> we may need to dump pages to local disk. This only applies to some
> people's systems -- not everyone displays the same behavior.
> I'm sure it's good to disable the APIC, but there's no clean way to
> wait on disabling the APIC until after I'm done writing pages out.
> My questions are:
> 1) Why was disable_local_APIC() added to stop_this_cpu()
> and smp_send_stop()? Completeness?
> 2) Is there a better way around this to disable all the
> other CPUs without disabling the APIC?

I don't know what a good way is, since there is a kernel panic it
should only be something truly fatal. Given that reusing anything
that hasn't been designed to run in that situation is playing with

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