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Subjectpegasus + MediaGX: Oops in khubd, the continuing story?

I'm experiencing loads of intermittent Oops'es when loading the pegasus driver
(for an SMC 2202) on my MediaGX-equipped (Webplayer) systems. A scan of the
lists turned up more problems with the MediaGX (which contains an OHCI
implementation in the 5530 companion chip) in combination with the pegasus
driver, so I'm not the only one it seems...

The Oops'es are mostly in the khubd process, but they sometimes appear in other
programs (insmod, ifconfig). They always lead to an immedate panic, and nothing
is ever written to any log. When I tried to copy the Oops by hand on a
notebook, the harddisk in that thing chose that specific moment to drop dead (I
was nearly finished typing in the last call trace address...). And there was no
rejoicing, and no call trace... Sorry...

Is this a known problem (MediaGX + pegasus == intermittent Oops on
load/reload), or am I telling something new? If I am, I'll create that call
trace and run it through ksymoops, if it is known I'd rather spare myself the
chore of typing in loads and loads of hex code. I've done enough of that in my
Commodore-64 days...

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