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    SubjectRe: 2.4.5 VM
    Christopher Zimmerman wrote:

    > I've found that with the latest kernel release (2.4.5) VM performance has
    > been greatly improved. kswapd and bdflush no longer use 200% of my cpu
    > cycles when simply doing a dd bs=1024 count=8388608 if=/dev/zero
    > of=test.file. All of my test systems remain responsive with about 180% cpu
    > available. These systems are running software RAID and 3ware IDE raid with
    > 2GB of memory and 4GB swap. Have you tried 2.4.5?
    > -zim
    > Christopher Zimmerman
    > AltaVista Company

    I have found that 2.4.5 is great, until it decides to stop freeing unused pages

    (simple file cache). Then it goes to hell in a handbasket at the speed of light.

    Yes, I have tried it, that is what I wrote about.


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