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SubjectRe: Plain 2.4.5 VM

On Wed, 30 May 2001, Jonathan Morton wrote:

> >The page aging logic does seems fragile as heck. You never know how
> >many folks are aging pages or at what rate. If aging happens too fast,
> >it defeats the garbage identification logic and you rape your cache. If
> >aging happens too slowly...... sigh.
> Then it sounds like the current algorithm is totally broken and needs
> replacement. If it's impossible to make a system stable by choosing the
> right numbers, the system needs changing, not the numbers. I think that's
> pretty much what we're being taught in Control Engineering. :)

The problem is that we allow _every_ task to age pages on the system at
the same time --- this is one of the things which is fucking up.

The another problem is that don't limit the writeout in the VM.

We (me and Rik) are going to work on this later --- right now I'm busy
with the distribution release and Rik is travelling.

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