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    SubjectRe: Creative 4-speed CDROM driver
    I think you've mistaken my tone  :-)

    I wasn't asking anyone to write the driver for me. But, I am at such a
    beginning position that I could pull my hair out for a year just trying to
    get an idea where to start, or I can ask someone. I am absolutely prepared
    to do the work, however I am not prepared to waste my time looking at
    irrelevant things or doing something that results in nothing.

    What I am after is for someone to spell it out plain and clear: do this,
    then this, then this, whatever these things might be. (Get a book on IBM PC
    architecture, contact the manufacturer for a document which is called blah
    blah, or whatever these things are). I have all the standards documents now,
    and which parts to implement? You can see my problem. I am a beginner, and I
    am asking (I hope) fairly simple questions on where I should start, so I can
    cut some code and do some learning, get my device working and send the
    driver for everyone to download at comp.os.minix.

    You see, I can't even begin to write one line of code, because I know
    nothing about what I am supposed to do. Sure, I know the basics, I have
    written toy device drivers for Linux, I know how to implement a driver for
    Minix, understand the main loop, handling messages from the Minix kernel,
    how to fill in a device structure correctly with pointers to functions that
    implement the device independant interface, etc. I know this stuff, that's
    not a problem. My problem is what is the I/O address range? Can I access it
    in C? Do I use DMA? When there are commands that can be implemented (set A,
    I'll call them) and another set of functions when the device uses the ATA
    Packet Interface (I'll call them set B) then which set? And the standard of
    ATAPI makes it clear that the Packet Interface is elsewhere, not defined in
    the ATAPI document.

    I could go around and around in ever decreasing circles until I disappear up
    my own arse looking in all the wrong places and pulling my hair out. I am
    absolutely determined to write this driver. I will spend a year on it. Big
    deal. I have plenty of time. But I need someone who has done this or who
    knows how to do it to point me in the right direction so I can do it for
    myself. I am no dummy, just the URL to a document will do, I will do the
    actual reading and digesting the document.

    Problem so far is that I didn't spell it out clearly enough that I am a
    beginner, and I had vague and incomprehensible emails from those who know
    what they are doing, assuming they are speaking to someone of equal
    knowledge. This I am not (although I plan to be, and can be when someone
    points me in the right direction.)

    Thanks for writing to me. I appreciate your time very much.


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    Subject: Re: Creative 4-speed CDROM driver <> écrit :
    > How do you think I should go about writing this driver? So the standards
    > documents are not the best way to go? What else is there for me to write

    I've never said that. They are. I was simply outlining that drivers are
    written by people with *some* background in the specific field. If they
    don't have it, it takes them time to get it and have a satisfying driver.

    It's not a 5 minutes/hours hack except maybe for someone that knows how
    Linux/Minix/Atapi/your specific cdrom work. IMHO such a person will be
    too busy now for others reasons. Thus, if you want it working, you have
    to invest your own time and walk the learning curve. It takes time
    however. See ?


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