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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] 2.4.5-ac4 non-init functions calling init functions
On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 01:08:40PM -0700, Dawson Engler wrote:

> Here are *uninspected* 2.4.5-ac4 results of a checker that warns when a
> non-__init function calls an __init function (suggested by
> There seem to be two cases:
> 1. The best case: the caller should actually be an __init function
> as well. This is a performance bug since it won't be freed.
> 2. The worst case: some random post-initialization routine
> calls an __init routine which can cause the kernel to go into
> hyperspace if the __init routine's code has been deleted.
> The current messages do not differentiate between these two cases. If these
> results are generally useful, I can fix up the checker, but as it now stands
> there shouldn't be that many false positives.
> Dawson
> MC linux bug database:

> /u2/engler/mc/oses/linux/2.4.5-ac4/net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_nat_standalone.c:278:init_or_cleanup: ERROR:INIT: non-init fn 'init_or_cleanup' calling init fn 'ip_nat_rule_init'

This is not a bug. init_or_cleanup is only called from one place with
an argument of 1: from the init() function. If the argument is 0,
as called by the exit() function, the code for calling the ip_nat_rule_setup
is never reached.

So it is definitely not a bug.

Anyway, one should maybe make this a little bit cleaner. Will look into that.

Live long and prosper
- Harald Welte /
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