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SubjectRe: [CHECKER] 2.4.5-ac4 non-init functions calling init functions

engler@csl.Stanford.EDU said:
> drivers/mtd/docprobe.c:195:DoC_Probe: ERROR:INIT: non-init fn
> 'DoC_Probe' calling init fn 'doccheck'

Strictly speaking, not actually a bug. DoC_Probe() itself is only ever
called from __init code. But it's probably not worth trying to make the
checker notice that situation - I've fixed it anyway by making DoC_Probe()
__init too, which saves a bit more memory. Thanks.

parse_mem_cmdline() in arch/i386/kernel/setup.c is a similar false (or at
least questionable) positive. Note that it's an inline function, only used
inside setup_arch(), which _is_ marked __init.


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