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SubjectRe: Plain 2.4.5 VM
On Wed, 30 May 2001, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:

> On Wed, 30 May 2001, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> > >The page aging logic does seems fragile as heck. You never know how
> > >many folks are aging pages or at what rate. If aging happens too fast,
> > >it defeats the garbage identification logic and you rape your cache. If
> > >aging happens too slowly...... sigh.
> >
> > Then it sounds like the current algorithm is totally broken and needs
> > replacement. If it's impossible to make a system stable by choosing the
> > right numbers, the system needs changing, not the numbers. I think that's
> > pretty much what we're being taught in Control Engineering. :)
> The problem is that we allow _every_ task to age pages on the system at
> the same time --- this is one of the things which is fucking up.

Yes. (I've been muttering/mumbling about this for... ever. look at the
last patch I posted in this light.. make -j30 load:)

> The another problem is that don't limit the writeout in the VM.

And sometimes we don't start writing out soon enough.

> We (me and Rik) are going to work on this later --- right now I'm busy
> with the distribution release and Rik is travelling.



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