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Subjectscan_scsis limits LUNs to max_scsi_luns... is this what we want?

In the routine scan_scsis(), The following code would appear to limit
the number of luns a given apapter can use to max_scsi_luns, as opposed
to the limit the low-level driver passed in the Scsi_Host structure.

Is that the behaviour we want? or should the '<' become a '>' in the ternary,
thereby scanning the greater of the passed max_lun or the system max_scsi_luns.

It seems to me that if a low level driver passes a large number of luns,
the midlayer should accept that value.

Of course, the use of the CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN #define would lead me to
believe that the kernel does indeed want to limit the number of luns probed
to the lesser of the two values... but why??

max_dev_lun = (max_scsi_luns < shpnt->max_lun ?
max_scsi_luns : shpnt->max_lun);
sparse_lun = 0;
for (lun = 0; lun < max_dev_lun; ++lun) {
if (!scan_scsis_single(channel, order_dev, lun, &max_dev_lun,
&sparse_lun, &SDpnt, shpnt,
&& !sparse_lun) break;

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