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SubjectRe: unsigned long ioremap()?
I apologize for ccing this to people not on the kernel list too, but i
hope the more expert heads, the better ...

Can i do a

if (softirq_active(cpu) & softirq_mask(cpu))

at the end of smp_apic_timer_interrupt ? i mean

smp_apic_timer_interrupt ()
All it does normally.
if (softirq_active(cpu) & softirq_mask(cpu))

My understanding is that smp_apic_timer_interrupt is very similar to
do_IRQ but it knows which function to call already,
and since the do_IRQ does this at the end of its execution, it
should be ok here too. Am i ok in doing this ? basically the function
smp_apic_timer_interrupt activates a tasklet, that i would like done here
at this point, executed as a tasklet itself. If this is not ok, can
someone suggest something for acheiving this ?

Thanks for any help!


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