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Here's the followup with the CVS (5/3/2001) version of ixj.o and 
phonedev.o. First inbound call was fine, answered, sent voice data,
pushed buttons, all is well. Second inbound call crashed the modules.
All further attempts to route a call to it have failed.

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address d14f42c0
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<d0a9f507>]
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-i386 -a i386
EFLAGS: 00010282
eax: 00a44fac ebx: d14f336c ecx: 00000018 edx: 00000004
esi: 0000082f edi: cc9f3df9 ebp: cc9f3d58 esp: cc9f3d4c
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process gnophone (pid: 3456, stackpage=cc9f3000)
Stack: 00000095 0000082f cc9f3df9 cc9f3d88 d0a9f6ab 0000082f 00000000
c02a67f6 00000060 d0aaf3cd ca53a5e0 00000246 00000000 0813e3c0
d0a9fcb6 0000082f 00000007 c029f748 ca53a5e0 00000000 0813e3c0
Call Trace: [<d0a9f6ab>] [<c02a67f6>] [<d0aaf3cd>] [<d0a9fcb6>]
[<c029f748>] [<d0aaf404>] [<c02a746d>]
[<c02a7b24>] [<d0aae3c0>] [<f8081e08>] [<c02953df>] [<d0aae3c0>]
[<c01a8bb9>] [<c01a8c54>] [<c029727b>]
[<c029728f>] [<c0297403>] [<c029a9e7>] [<c0117a02>] [<c013b79f>]
[<c0106a53>] [<c010002b>]
Code: 80 bb 54 0f 00 00 13 77 5f 8b 75 0c c1 e6 04 2b 75 0c c1 e6

>>EIP; d0a9f507 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+13/cc> <=====
Trace; d0a9f6ab <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_seize+1b/50>
Trace; c02a67f6 <ip_output+10e/114>
Trace; d0aaf3cd <[ixj]__module_parm_xio+f32/14065>
Trace; d0a9fcb6 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid+20a/3a4>
Trace; c029f748 <nf_hook_slow+ec/134>
Trace; d0aaf404 <[ixj]__module_parm_xio+f69/14065>
Trace; c02a746d <ip_build_xmit+2e5/36c>
Trace; c02a7b24 <output_maybe_reroute+0/14>
Trace; d0aae3c0 <[ixj]__module_kernel_version+0/0>
Trace; f8081e08 <END_OF_CODE+275bf8f5/????>
Trace; c02953df <sys_sendto+df/f0>
Trace; d0aae3c0 <[ixj]__module_kernel_version+0/0>
Trace; c01a8bb9 <write_chan+161/214>
Trace; c01a8c54 <write_chan+1fc/214>
Trace; c029727b <skb_release_data+67/70>
Trace; c029728f <kfree_skbmem+b/54>
Trace; c0297403 <__kfree_skb+12b/134>
Trace; c029a9e7 <net_tx_action+4b/9c>
Trace; c0117a02 <do_softirq+42/64>
Trace; c013b79f <sys_ioctl+15f/174>
Trace; c0106a53 <system_call+33/38>
Trace; c010002b <startup_32+2b/a5>

Code; d0a9f507 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+13/cc> 00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; d0a9f507 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+13/cc> <=====
0: 80 bb 54 0f 00 00 13 cmpb $0x13,0xf54(%ebx) <=====
Code; d0a9f50e <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+1a/cc>
7: 77 5f ja 68 <_EIP+0x68> d0a9f56f
Code; d0a9f510 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+1c/cc>
9: 8b 75 0c mov 0xc(%ebp),%esi
Code; d0a9f513 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+1f/cc>
c: c1 e6 04 shl $0x4,%esi
Code; d0a9f516 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+22/cc>
f: 2b 75 0c sub 0xc(%ebp),%esi
Code; d0a9f519 <[ixj]ixj_write_cid_bit+25/cc>
12: c1 e6 00 shl $0x0,%esi

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