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Subject2.4.4+fork patch still sluggish
This is basically a followup to the "2.4.4 sluggish under fork load"

I am using Redhat 7.1 on a 128MB 400 MHz PII system. I have a
locally-built 2.4.4 kernel to which I manually applied the patch that backs
out the child-before-parent behavior on a fork. Namely, this patch:


However, even with this patch applied, I still see extremley jerky mouse
pointer behavior when I run any kind of job that does lots of forking. For
example, a kernel compile or even just the "configure" in preparation for
compiling XEmacs.

The same behavior, on exactly the same machine, did _not_ occur with Redhat
6.2/kernel 2.2.19.

I see that this patch has recently been merged into 2.4.5-pre1, but I am
concerned that it does actually fix the underlying problem.

Do others continue to see "jerky mouse pointer" behavior even with this
patch installed, or should I look for other causes? For instance, are
there known problems with jerky mouse pointer behavior under heavy swapping

Jeffrey Kuskin Tel: +1-408-773-5256
Senior System Engineer Fax: +1-408-773-9940
Atheros Communications

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