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SubjectRe: Possible PCI subsystem bug in 2.4

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Edward Spidre wrote:
> Sure, I'm more than willing to test out patches. Just
> let me know which version of source to apply it
> against.

Ok, this is not a patch per se, just a description of what I think should

In include/asm-i386/pci.h, change the line

#define PCIBIOS_MIN_MEM 0x10000000


extern unsigned long pci_mem_start;
#define PCIBIOS_MIN_MEM (pci_mem_start)

In arch/i386/kernel/setup.c, at the very end of the
"setup_arch()" function, add

/* Start PCI allocations at max_low_memory rounded up to 1MB */
pci_mem_start = ((max_low_pfn << PAGE_SHIFT) + 0xfffff) & ~0xfffff;

and somewhere in the same file, add the actual variable:

unsigned long pci_mem_start = 0x10000000;

and you're done. Does this work for you?

Alan, do you have access to that Dell laptop to test? The thing looks
obvious, but I'd rather not apply it to my tree until somebody sends me
the above back as a tested patch.. Call me a sissy.


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