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SubjectRe: Dane-Elec PhotoMate Combo
(NB I'm not a subscriber to linux-kernel, I picked up this thread from
one of the NNTP gateways; please cc me on any replies. Thanks)

I've recently purchased one of these to use with the SmartMedia cards
from my Fuji FinePix 4700 (yes, I know the camera is already supported
as a USB mass storage device). Searching for information on using it
with Linux pointed me to this thread.

I've been unable to get the card reader to work - i.e. get the card
mounted - using the 2.4.2-2 kernel which came with RedHat 7.1,
although the device itself appears to be recognised (according to
/proc/bus/usb/devices). I've also tried 2.4.4, but had even less

The discussion here between Matt Dharm and Andries Brouwer seems to
revolve around the fact that the patch Andries has proposed is
"risky". Clearly I don't have Matt's level of knowledge in this area,
so I'm following his advice for the moment.

I'd quite like to get the device working and stable, and so would
Andries and at least one other person who has posted to the list of
supported USB devices hosted at ... so
the question is simple: what can we do to help? I've not currently got
any experience contributing to the kernel, and I have next-to-no
knowledge of USB, but I'm prepared to put some effort in here.


Andy Piper - Fareham, Hampshire (UK) - ICQ #86489434
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