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SubjectRE: [BUG] freeze Alpha ES40 SMP 2.4.4.ac3, another TCP/IP Problem ? ( was 2.4.4 kernel crash , possibly tcp related )

>Silly question, Sebastien - when you do a "show config" at the console, how
>is your card represented? FWIU, there have been problems with adapters
>load that aren't fully supported by SRM... Just a guess. Could you try
>with a DE600 (Intel) or a DE500 (tulip)?

> - Pete

appended to this email is the output of show conf

I can see the 3COM board at first slot 2
I also have a DE600 board into slot 6 of second PCI bus

DE600 boards freeze my system
DE504 board freeze my system

I have tried to change the switch, point to point connections... So I
changed to 3com905b
to have a more standart board (in the linux community I mean). :(((

P00>>>show conf
Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq AlphaServer ES40

SRM Console: V5.9-24
ARC Console: v5.70
PALcode: OpenVMS PALcode V1.90-101, Tru64 UNIX PALcode V1.86-101
Serial ROM: V2.12-F
RMC Flash ROM: V2.6

CPU 0 Alpha EV68A pass 2.1 or 2.1A or 3.0 833 MHz 8MB Bcache
CPU 1 Alpha EV68A pass 2.1 or 2.1A or 3.0 833 MHz 8MB Bcache
CPU 2 Alpha EV68A pass 2.1 or 2.1A or 3.0 833 MHz 8MB Bcache
CPU 3 Alpha EV68A pass 2.1 or 2.1A or 3.0 833 MHz 8MB Bcache

Core Logic
Cchip DECchip 21272-CA Rev 9(C4)
Dchip DECchip 21272-DA Rev 2
Pchip 0 DECchip 21272-EA Rev 2
Pchip 1 DECchip 21272-EA Rev 2
TIG Rev 10

Array Size Base Address Intlv Mode
--------- ---------- ---------------- ----------
0 2048Mb 0000000000000000 4-Way
1 2048Mb 0000000080000000 4-Way
2 2048Mb 0000000100000000 4-Way
3 2048Mb 0000000180000000 4-Way

8192 MB of System Memory

Slot Option Hose 0, Bus 0, PCI
1 NCR 53C895 pkb0. SCSI Bus ID 7
dkb0. COMPAQ BD009635C3
dkb100. COMPAQ BF01863644
dkb200. COMPAQ BF01863644
2 905510B7/905510B7
3 804314C1/804314C1
7 Acer Labs M1543C Bridge to Bus 1, ISA
15 Acer Labs M1543C IDE dqa.
dqa0. Compaq CRD-8402B
19 Acer Labs M1543C USB

Option Hose 0, Bus 1, ISA
Floppy dva0.0.0.1000.0

Slot Option Hose 1, Bus 0, PCI
4 NCR 53C895 pka0. SCSI Bus ID 7
dka0. COMPAQ BF01863644
dka100. COMPAQ BF01863644
dka200. COMPAQ BF01863644
dka300. COMPAQ BF01863644
5 QLogic QLA2200 pya0.
6 DE600-AA eia0. 00-50-8B-AE-DD-A0
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