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Juan Quintela <>:
> linux 2.4.(x+1) has more drivers/options/whatever that linux-2.4.x. I
> want to be prompted only for the new drivers/options/whatever it
> chooses the old ones from the .config file. Note that my old .config
> file is not a valid configuration because it misses symbols (or I am
> wrong and this is a valid configuration ?).

Yes, you're wrong. This is a valid configuration. If any of the
missing values have to be non-N, CML2 will deduce this and tell
you what it's changing them to and why.

In CML2's world "symbol not set" is different from "symbol set to n".
When a symbol is not set, the deducer can force it to value that
satisfies constraints.

Your second scenario is addressed by the samne correction.

> Otherwise I will be happy if
> you provide me something like:
> make "CONFIG_SCSI=n" oldconfig
> or similar, i.e. _I_ know what I want to change, and I want to change
> only that. Notice that I want also be able to do the other way
> around:
> make "CONFIG_SCSI=m" oldconfig
> and then be prompted for all the SCSI drivers (because they was not in
> the .config before).

There is such an option. It's -d, which sets a symbol from the
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