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    SubjectCreative 4-speed CDROM driver
    Hello Kernel Hackers,

    Bloody Minix doesn't have a CDROM driver for my CDROM, a Creative Quad
    speed. I'm dual booting between Linux and Minix. Linux uses my CDROM no
    problems. I am thinking a "generic" CDROM driver might fit the bill for this
    CDROM (the system is an old 486DX2/66, 20MB RAM, 500MB HDD + 300MB HDD, 1MB
    Diamond Stealth Pro Video card).

    Either I can port the Linux CDROM driver to Minix or I have to write my own
    device driver. Can anyone help, point me to a place where hackers get the
    stuff they need to write device drivers? They obviously know all the
    details, like status codes, I/O regions etc. I am not sure if I would use
    DMA, but I suppose it doesn't matter all that much.

    If anyone on the kernel list has written a driver for a CDROM please send me
    mail about how you went about it, did you approach the manufacturer for the
    documentation on the device, if I made a mistake could I ruin my hardware?
    and stuff like that.

    Thanks heaps.
    James Buchanan

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