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SubjectKERNEL: assertion (tp->copied_seq == tp->rcv_nxt || (flags&MSG_PEEK|MSG_TRUNC))) failed at tcp.c(1279):tcp_recvmsg ...
To all the kernel people,
To say i have a minor problem is a slight understatement, i have two
problems. The first happens about 10 minutes into a fairly heavy load test,
where i have several loadtesting clients running on an NT5 box, sending alot
of queries a second to the GNU-linux box (over TCP/IP) ... i am running
kernel 2.4.3. The problem seems that after about 10 minutes every thing
stops, all my remote sessions to the linux box freeze, and i cant even
connect on the serial port ... (requiring me to find a monitor to use).
(However the GNU-Linux box will still respond to ping's ) Upon connecting
the monitor i see the following scrolling so fast down the screen that the
only way to find out what it says is to take a photo of the monitor

KERNEL: assertion (tp->copied_seq == tp->rcv_nxt ||
(flags&MSG_PEEK|MSG_TRUNC))) failed at tcp.c(1279):tcp_recvmsg
recvmsg bug: copied ADA875AF seq ADA876A3
KERNEL: assertion (tp->copied_seq == tp->rcv_nxt ||
(flags&MSG_PEEK|MSG_TRUNC))) failed at tcp.c(1279):tcp_recvmsg
recvmsg bug: copied ADA875AF seq ADA876A3
etc ...

Now we are running three pieces of software which is being load tested ...

All this is done with TCP/IP, with the possible exception of the SQL queries
(which are probabally over AF_UNIX sockets)

Load Test -> Piece'o'software1 ---> Piece'o'Software2
|--------> MySQL Server

Now to see whats in the Box:

its a PII 450 (running at 500), with 128MB of SDRAM, 1*87Mb AT HDD for swap
(almost never used), 1*5Gig HDD (root), has 1*(4port Cogent PCI Quartet 10Mb
NIC, using Dec chips, and the tulip driver), and 1*(1port Intel EtherExpress
Pro 100 (10/100Mbs running at 100mbs)).

Only 2 of the 5 possible interfaces are in use, however all are connected to
the same hub ... (the EEPro100 used to be connected to a switch and acted as
a firewall / router etc ... however some one nicked my switch!)

All the requests _should_ be going through the eepro100, (the 2 interfaces
are on different nets ... and

Now shortly before the system kills itself, the hub starts showing that
10Mbs data is being transmitted (before, it was only 100mbits)

Finally, none of the error messages are recored in any of the syslog files

Any help with the problem would be greatly apreciated ... and it is easily

However, i am completely locked out from the box, if anyone can think of a
way to gain access rather than have to power cycle it, i would be extreemly


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