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Subject2.4.5-ac1 hard disk corruption... acpi responsible?
Debian, Intel 440BX2 Seattle, 2x Fujitsu UDMA33 IDE
hard drives. In my bootscripts, hdparm enables DMA.

I tried most all 2.4.0-acx up to 2.4.4-ac9, and then
plain 2.4.5 today, over the past few months, with no
corruption or instability.

Today I moved to 2.4.5-ac1, the only different thing
than normal was I enabled ACPI instead of APM.

After 2 minutes in the fresh kernel on the console, I
was make'ing an application, and the kernel gave some
messages about reverting DMA mode, which I have never,
ever seen before, followed by file I/O errors on lots
of source files.

I shutdown and rebooted, ext2fs detected my main disk
as corrupt, and ran a check, spewing off screens and
screens mentioning bad superblocks, incorrect times on
inodes, and corrupt inodes within bad blocks [of which
I have none].

I tar'd up what little I could salvage from my disk in
single user mode where you run the fsck manually, when
the kernel started giving messages about problems
communicating with USB [I compile in the USB for
Intel, and the HID, and have a Sidewinder joystick
plugged in that I wasn't using].

The system was unuseable past that point, so I wiped
clean and installed Win2K while I get my backups
together. My hardware is fine, of course, everything
is AOK now. The kernel had just gone crazy and mad.

That's my experiences. Sorry it's long and I can't
provide specific error messages, as I couldn't really
do anything with my system in the state it was in.

I hope that helps someone. Please CC me comments as I
am not on the mailing list. Thank you.

Cody Gould

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