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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.4-ac17
Dear Mike,

"Mike Galbraith" <> wrote :

> Exactly. Nothing but ram and it's mostly unfreeable. That makes
> life pretty tough for the vm.

This is not a good concept at all , why linux is wasting precious RAM
unnecassarily, if not required .

Then what will happen for Embedded system (like in my case), which do not
have any Hard disk , only things they have Flash or Ram.

> Does it hang if you are doing other things than creating/destroying
> tiny files (with unique names) as rapidly as possible?.. ie did you
> start doing that to troubleshoot because it was hanging over a long
> period of time?

If i create and delete files with same name , inode_cache & dentry_cache
increases only one time , there is no problem .
If i create and delete files with different name , inode_cache &
dentry_cache increases continously and will eat my whole RAM and crash

And if i create and delete my file after long lapse , inode_cache &
dentry_cache are restore after some time , their is no problem .
But if i create and delete files very frequently , inode_cache &
dentry_cache get no time for restore and eat my whole RAM and crash system.

If i donot create and delete files files frequently with different name ,
their is no problem at all.

> You snipped my suggestion.. did you try it? If not, please do. In
> fact, go a bit further. Make unconditional calls to kmem_cache_reap()
> and shrink_icache_memory() as well.. prior to calling page_launder().
> It's a long shot, but it might help. If it does help, that will
> tell developers what they need to know. It costs you five minutes.
> Another option is to build 2.4.5-pre6 and add the patch Rik posted.
> If my thinker is working right, that _will_ help (if not cure).
> Another option which virtually guarantees successful identification
> of the problem (but costs more than five minutes) is for you to grab
> a copy of IKD from your favorite kernel mirror and give memleak a try
> locally. It can be found in /pub/linux/kernel/people/andrea/ikd. If
> you choose this option and have any trouble, drop me a note offline.

Thank you very much for your suggestions , i was getting this problem in my
ARM target machine and right now i am working on SH target machines , and i
am quite busy with my SH target machines now , i have to do lot of setups to
change my target machines , i am sorry right now i am not in position to
test your suggestions , but as soon as my SH target machine work is over , i
will test all your suggestions and options.

BTW, i am getting Ramdisk intialization problem in SH target machine.

Thank you,

Best Regards,

These are my opinions not 3Di.

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