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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.5 and Reiserfs, oops!
> That's... interesting. With that patch changes to fs/super.c should make
> no difference whatsoever.
> OK, can you reproduce NFS lockup on 2.4.5-pre5 (without that patch)
> and on 2.4.5-pre3 (ditto)?
> There were NFS changes in -pre4 and -pre5 and umount ones in -pre6. The
> latter need the patch I've posted, so vanilla -pre5 and -pre3 are the
> first candidates for checking.

Well the first thing I checked was vanilla 2.4.5, and I managed to
bring that down hard too. It has nothing at all to do with reiserfs,
but may be related to USB instead. I have been able to reproduce the
problem by doing the following:

a) Booting with X on vc/2
b) Logging into vc/6 instead
c) Mounting a filesystem on my USB Zip drive
d) Unmounting the filesystem again
e) Unmounting the NFS mount
f) Executing "rmmod -a" twice to clean out the now-unused modules
(e.g. sd_mod, scsi_mod, usb-storage)
g) Trying to switch back to vc/2
h) Oops!

2.4.4 seems OK; I guess I'll have to build those -pre kernels now.

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