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SubjectPlease help me fill in the blanks.
Hi again.
I am doing a thesis about comparing the Linux kernel
against HP-UX, AIX, Tru64 UNIX, and Solaris (as you
probably alredy know).
I'm stuck now (and the thesis has to bee ready until
tomorow) with some few features that the other
operating system have, and I can't find any
information about it, if those features are
implemented in Linux or not.

The features that I'm wondering about are:
* Dynamic Processor Resilience
* Dynamic Memory Resilience
* Dynamic Page Sizing
* Live Upgrade
* Alternative I/O Pathing
* TCP selective acknowledgement (SACK)
* Service Location Protocol (SLP)
* ATM IP switching
* SOCKS 5 support
* Multilink PPP
* TCP/IP Gratuitous ARP (RFC 2002)
* Path MTU Discovery (RFC 1191)
* Path MTU Discovery over UDP
* IP Multipath Routing

The questions I have about the features above are:
* Are any of the above features implemented in the
kernel? If yes, where can I read (url-link to the
article, paper... please) about it?
* Is any of the features implemented through a program
/daemon? If yes, which program (link to program)?

Here is the link to my thesis if anyone hasn't got my
previous message:{

Thanks in advance,
Cesar da Silva

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