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SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] entries wanted
Greg Banks <>:
> Having said that, I agree that the help text entries for the SH
> port are in general of less than stellar quality, for various
> (mostly good) reasons. I'm hoping ESR will give us some editorial
> feedback which will provide a good excuse to fix them.

Since you asked...

# Choice: superhsys
Select Generic if configuring for a generic SuperH system.

Select SolutionEngine if configuring for a Hitachi SH7709
or SH7750 evalutation board.

Select Overdrive if configuring for a ST407750 Overdrive board.
More information at

Select HP620 if configuring for a HP Jornada HP620.
More information at

Select HP680 if configuring for a HP Jornada HP680.
More information at

Select HP690 if configuring for a HP Jornada HP690.
More information at <>.

Select CqREEK if configuring for a CqREEK SH7708 or SH7750.
More information at

Select DMIDA if configuring for a DataMyte 4000 Industrial
Digital Assistant. More information at <>.

Select EC3104 if configuring for a system with an Eclipse
International EC3104 chip, e.g. the Harris AD2000.

Select Dreamcast if configuring for a SEGA Dreamcast.
More information at

Select BareCPU if you know what this means, and it applies
to your system.

Can you be any more explicit about the BareCPU option?

Physical memory start address
The physical memory start address will be automatically
set to 08000000, unless you selected one of the following
processor types: SolutionEngine, Overdrive, HP620, HP680, HP690,
in which case the start address will be set to 0c000000.

Do not change this address unless you know what you are doing.

Why might someone want to change this address?

Early printk support
Say Y here to redirect kernel printks from the boot console to an
SCI serial console as soon as one is available.

This was my guess. Is it correct?

SuperH SCI (serial) support
Selecting this option will allow the Linux kernel to transfer
data over SCI (Serial Communication Interface) and/or SCIF
which are built into the Hitachi SuperH processor.

If in doubt, press "y".

What data? Is this just an on-board RS232C controller?

Use LinuxSH standard BIOS
CONFIG_SH_STANDARD_BIOS Say Y here if your target has the gdb-sh-stub
package from (or any conforming standard LinuxSH BIOS)
in FLASH or EPROM. The kernel will use standard BIOS calls during
boot for various housekeeping tasks (including calls to read and
write characters to a system console, get a MAC address from an
on-board Ethernet interface, and shut down the hardware). Note this
does not work with machines with an existing operating system in
mask ROM and no flash (WindowsCE machines fall in this category).
If unsure, say N.

Note that I mixed in some information I gathered from reasding the source.
Please check for correctness.
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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