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SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] entries wanted
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Visual Studio, or the feature where you can have a decent handwriting
> > recognition system, or the feature where you can run Pocket {Internet
> > Explorer,Word} then the answer is none of them.
> Handwriting recognition with fscrib works very well indeed.

Ok, I've found the description of this on, and
it appears to be a derivative of xscribble, which I have tried.
Unlike xscribble it does fullscreen mode, which is good, but
it's still single-character and requires the user to learn
how to write all over again. In other words, like everything
else available on Linux (and even MS's Jot) it's *crap* compared to

I would give my eye teeth for a Linux version of Calligrapher.

If it's a choice between being a paranoid, hyper-suspicious global
village idiot, or a gullible, mega-trusting sheep, I don't look
good in mint sauce. - jd, slashdot, 11Feb2000.
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