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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: 2.4.5 does not link on Ruffian (alpha)
    It should note, though, that -not- using CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC seems to
    have a detrimental effect on my machines, in 2.4.5 vanilla.

    When built with CONFIG_ALPHA_NAUTILUS, my UP1000's IDE totally fails.
    It probes the drives ok, on boot, but a logic hang occurs where no more
    boot progress can be made. All I get are "hda: lost interrupt"
    messages. I am booting w/ aboot 0.7a from SRM, -without- the
    srm-as-bootloader kernel config option. These problems go away when
    using the generic MDK alpha kernel, which is based on Alan's '2.4.4-ac'
    patchkit, and uses CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC.

    A very similar problem occurs on my new test alpha, a miata. With
    CONFIG_ALPHA_MIATA, IDE fails with "hda: lost interrupt" as above, but
    additionally, the keyboard is no longer recognized. Again, with MDK(ac)
    kernel, things work fine.

    After wondering for a while what magic was in the 'ac' patchkit, I
    realized that my build needed CONFIG_ALPHA_GENERIC to work. Tested that
    theory... sure enough, I can boot 2.4.5-vanilla no problems now.

    Jeff Garzik | Disbelief, that's why you fail.
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    MandrakeSoft |
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