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SubjectRe: 2.4.5aa1

Andrea Arcangeli writes:
> 00_eepro100-64bit-1
> Fixes a 64bit bug that was generating false positives and memory
> corruption.
> (recommended)

Good spotting, I've put this into my tree ;-)

> 00_eepro100-alpha-1
> Possibly fix the eepro100 transmitter hang on alpha by doing atomic PIO
> updates to avoid the clear_suspend to be lost.
> (recommended)

The correct fix is to create {set,clear,change}_bit{8,16,32}()
routines architectures may implement. The comment there in eepro100.c
indicates the those defines are simply wrong for anything other than
x86, not just Alpha.

> 00_ipv6-null-oops-1
> Fixes null pointer oops.
> (recommended)

Please delete this, a proper fix is in 2.4.5, and in fact your
added NULL test will never pass now :-)

> 10_no-virtual-1
> Avoids wasting tons of memory if highmem is not selected (like
> in all the 64bit ports).
> (nice to have)

I experimented with computing the address every time on sparc64 and
the performance actually went down slightly, it turned out it's
quicker to load from an in-cache page struct member than compute the
offset each time.

It's probably not an issue on ix86, but who knows.

I have no strong opinions about the other patches ;-)

David S. Miller
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