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SubjectRe: Please help me fill in the blanks.
Cesar Da Silva wrote:
> The features that I'm wondering about are:
> * Dynamic Processor Resilience

is this fault tolerance? I think if a CPU croaks, you are dead.

There are patches for hot swap cpu support, but I haven't seen any CPU
fault tolerance patches that can handle a dead processor

> * Dynamic Memory Resilience

RAM fault tolerance? There was a patch a long time ago which detected
bad ram, and would mark those memory clusters as unuseable at boot.
However that is clearly not dynamic.

If your memory croaks, your kernel will experience random corruptions

> * Dynamic Page Sizing


> * Live Upgrade

LOBOS will let one Linux kernel boot another, but that requires a boot
step, so it is not a live upgrade. so, no, afaik

> * Alternative I/O Pathing

be less vague

> * HSM

patches exist, I believe

> * TCP selective acknowledgement (SACK)


> * Service Location Protocol (SLP)

don't know

> * ATM IP switching

yes, I believe

> * SOCKS 5 support

yes, via userspace apps/libs

> * Multilink PPP


> * TCP/IP Gratuitous ARP (RFC 2002)

not sure

> * Path MTU Discovery (RFC 1191)


> * Path MTU Discovery over UDP

not sure, but I think so

> * IP Multipath Routing


> The questions I have about the features above are:
> * Are any of the above features implemented in the
> kernel? If yes, where can I read (url-link to the
> article, paper... please) about it?

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