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Subject linux-kernel@vger ...
Hi folks,

I want to register a new Hook in the netfilter (from kernel 2.4.4)
canvas for IP. The struct
used for register is :

struct nf_hook_ops
struct list_head list;

/* User fills in from here down. */
nf_hookfn *hook;
int pf;
int hooknum;
/* Hooks are ordered in ascending priority. */
int priority;

And the hook function is a nf_hookfn, which is a typedef :

typedef unsigned int nf_hookfn(unsigned int hooknum,
struct sk_buff **skb,
const struct net_device *in,
const struct net_device *out,
int (*okfn)(struct sk_buff *));

What is the parameter int (*okfn)(struct sk_buff *) which is passed to
the hook ?

Thanx for the answers !!!
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