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SubjectRe: [Re: How to add NTFS support]

At 05:40 25/05/2001, Blesson Paul wrote:
>So you are constructing a improved NTFS file driver. So when you have to
>check your written codes of file driver, will u recompile the whole kernel
>? . That is what I am asking. I am in a way to build a new file system.
>I took NTFS as a sample one. I thought , I will first try to compile and make
>it run.

NTFS is not a good example for a 2.4.x file system at the moment IMHO. It
doesn't even use the page cache at all...

But anyway, I recompile the whole kernel the first time round, i.e. say I
install the latest kernel, apply my latest NTFS patch, copy my old .config
to linux/.config, make oldconfig. Then I set off: make dep && make bzImage
&& make modules && sudo make modules_install [switch to different VT and do
other stuff, go out, have dinner, whatever...], then install kernel, lilo,

Once I am running the new kernel, it becomes much easier: modify some code
in linux/fs/ntfs, then from linux/ I just do: make modules && make
modules_install && rmmod ntfs && modprobe ntfs and the new driver is loaded...

If I change any code outside of fs/ntfs then a new make bzImage, etc is
required, as I build everything static (only ntfs as a module).

If I install a new kernel as I do quite frequently to keep up on what's
going on, a new kernel compile is required from scratch...

Hope this helps.


"Nothing succeeds like success." - Alexandre Dumas
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