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SubjectRe: entries wanted
Keith Owens <>:
> Early ones for compare-and-exchange. AFAIK no recent (Itanium B3 or
> later) cpu has these problems.

Entry now reads:

IA64 compare-and-exchange bug checking
Selecting this option turns on bug checking for the IA64
compare-and-exchange instructions. This is slow! Itaniums
from step B3 or later don't have this problem. If you're unsure,
select N.

> This is software, not hardware, debugging. It saves addresses to help
> track down spinlock problems.

Entry now reads:

IA64 IRQ bug checking
Selecting this option turns on bug checking for the IA64 irq_save and
restore instructions. It's useful for tracking down spinlock problems,
but slow! If you're unsure, select N.
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