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SubjectRe: [with-PATCH-really] highmem deadlock removal, balancing & cleanup
On Sat, 26 May 2001, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> It does, but only for the create_bounces. As said if you want to "fix",
> not to "hide" you need to address every single case, a generic reserved
> pool is just useless. Now try to get a dealdock in 2.4.5 with tasks
> locked up in create_bounces() if you say it does not protect against
> irqs. see?

So? It just deadlocks in create_buffers/alloc_pages. We finished
debugging that weeks ago, and I'm not interested in repeating that.

> What I said is that instead of handling the pool by hand in every single
> place one could write an API to generalize it, but very often a simple
> API hooked into the page allocator may not be flexible enough to
> guarantee the kind of allocations we need, highmem is just one example
> where we need more flexibility not just for the pages but also for the
> bh (but ok that's mostly an implementation issue, if you do the math
> right, it's harder but you can still use a generic API).

Well, this is the infrastructure for guaranteeing atomic allocations. The
only beautifying it really needs is in adding an alloc_pages variant that
takes the reservation pool as a parameter instead of the current mucking
with current->page_reservation.

> > Re-read the above and reconsider. The reservation doesn't need to be
> > permitted until after page_alloc has blocked. Heck, do a schedule before
> I don't see what you mean here, could you elaborate?

I simply meant that the reservation code wasn't bent on providing atomic
allocations for non-atomic allocators. IIRC, I hooked into __alloc_pages
after the normal mechanism of allocating pages failed, but where it may
have already slept, but I think that was part of the other patch I posted
in the last email. Our tree contains a lot of patches, and some of the
effects like this are built on top of each other, so I'm not surprised
that a critical piece like that was missing.


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