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SubjectRe: Big-ish SCSI disks
Thanks. Interesting that you mention the Severworks LE chipset. We
have 2 identical machines with the intel STL MOBO wich uses
the Severworks LE. They are both dual PIII 1GHz 1GB mem and ultra
160 drives. I have had nothing but trouble getting RedHat 7.1 beta-1,
7.1 beta-2 and 7.1 release. The OS tended to install ok
but on beta1, only the up kernel would boot. On beta-2 and release
both up and smp kernels would boot. On neither of the systems
have I managed to build a kernel up or smp, new or same version
as was installed. When I tried to boot the kernel I had built,
the scsi driver would fail to load. This also happen on the Redhat
installed smp kernel in beta-1 and on any of the redhat installed
kernels in either of beta-2 or release when I tried to use disk

Have you experienced any issues like this?
Have you successfuly built a kernel that booted on these machines?



Quoth Scott Murray:
> On Fri, 25 May 2001, Greg Johnson wrote:
> > Hi kernel poeple,
> >
> > Can anyone out there say for certain that 76GB SCSI disks should
> > just work with kernel versions 2.2 and/or 2.4? We need to get some
> > big disk space and have heard reports of problems with disks
> > bigger than 30GB under linux.
> I set up a machine at work a few months ago with two Seagate 73GB
> Ultra160 drives (model ST173404LW) using the Adaptec AIC-7899 adapter
> on board a ServerWorks LE chipset based motherboard. Everything has
> been working fine using the stock RedHat 7.0 2.2.16-22smp kernel. I
> also played with some 2.4.1-ac kernels to try out ReiserFS, and also
> had no problems using the disks.
> Scott
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