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SubjectRe: Dying disk and filesystem choice.
Chris Mason wrote:
> On Thursday, May 24, 2001 11:16:58 PM +0100 Alan Cox
> <> wrote:
> >> IMHO we are not that deep into code freeze anymore. Freevxfs got added
> >> in linux-2.4.5-pre*, so I think that a patch that adds a useful feature
> >> like badblock support would be OK.
> >
> > FreeVxFS changes precisely nothing in the behaviour of any other fs - its
> > like adding a new driver.
> >
> > Updating Reiserfs requires a lot more care because it has the potential to
> > harm existing stable setups
> This has been mostly covered, but just in case. There are two different
> freezes, the kernel, and in reiserfs. The reiserfs part isn't something
> Alan or Linus have imposed on us, we just wanted to limit the reiserfs
> changes as much as possible during the early kernel releases.
> The end result is that some larger scale issues are unfixed (memory
> pressure from VM, lost files after a crash), but we have been able to focus
> on the critical hoses-my-files/crashes-my-box kinds of bugs.
> -chris
No, our policy is strictly in sync with and reflective of that of the rest of
the linux-kernel. Since the ac series has a different policy, we can be
different in regards to the ac series.

And I don't begin to comprehend your not sending in the lost disk space after
crash bug fix (I assume it is what you mean when you refer to lost files after a
crash, because I know of no lost files after a crash bug, please phrase things
more carefully), and it really annoys me and the users, frankly. Why you
consider that a feature is beyond me.

monstr, could you fix it please and send the fix in? We can't wait for Chris to
send it in any longer.


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