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SubjectRe: Bug in chipset or feature in kernel?
On Thursday 24 May 2001 09:26, Peter Rasmussen wrote:
> Is the below described problem a problem with my chipset, the memory
> subsystem in the kernel, a combination of those or something entirely
> different?
> Is there any test I should perform to investigate further eg. to find a
> workaround for a chipset limitation, if that is the problem? It looks as if
> there is a tuning for max. performance around 128MB. Coincidence?

I'm not sure about this as I have never had to deal with something like that
myself. However, I think that when adding more RAM, you should also add more
Cache to your system - otherwise performance may drop as described by you.
Don't ask me, though, how one is supposed to add more cache to a mainboard...

If my above assumption is not right, I hope that someone will share the
actual facts with you and me ;-)


Nils Holland -
NightCastle Productions - Linux in Tiddische, Germany
"They asked me where this earthquake would begin,
I offered to let them feel my pulse."
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