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SubjectAccelerated TCP/IP support from kernel
Hello all,
I am looking into a scenario where we have a NIC which performs
all the TCP/IP processing and basically the core CPU offloads all data from
the socket level interface onwards to this NIC.
Can Linux do this as of now. I saw some limited support like TCP/IP
being done in HW (ex: 3c905c) and linux supports it. I also saw the
feature in linux code.
My question is can there be support for entire (almost) TCP/IP to be
to a NIC card. I noticed some NIC cards by Alacritec and Applicom who have
such NICs but it looks like the support from Linux would be quite a bit of
Basically Linux needs to support all socket calls as it will usually but
the socket interface must be intelligent enough to call different drivers(!)
for those NIC cards and thus bypassing the whole of TCP/IP stack of Linux.
Is this possible at all and if so, is anyone doing this???
I talked to a vendor who does this NIC and he said that they provide a
for linux which means that they have proprietery functions for using their
and thus this cannot be used in the standard socket interface way. That is a
limitation and not of much use. Basically, I am looking into a case where
the kernel code needs to be changed to handle this
Looking eagerly for some help/advice from you folks
Thanks a lot
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