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SubjectRe: SyncPPP Generic PPP merge
Also sprach Alan Cox
>> Instead of using ifconfig to bring an interface up or down, the user
>> must now work with pppd. And the net device naming changes (allocated
>> by ppp_generic.c instead of using the net device allocated by low
>> level driver).

>I suspect that bit can be fixed if need be. Its nice to keep a constant
>naming between cisco/ppp modes. cisco/ppp autodetect is also possible
>and would be rather nice to support

Indeed. And let me just throw out another thought. A clean abstraction
of the various portions of the PPP functionality is beneficial in other
ways. My personal pet project being to add L2TP support to the kernel
eventually. A good abstraction of the framing capabilities and basic
PPP processing would be rather useful in that project.

>> Or is it to *add* generic PPP support to syncppp, leaving (at least
>> temporarily) the existing PPP capability in syncppp for
>> compatibility? (implying a new syncppp flag USE_GENERIC_PPP?)

>Assuming this is a 'when 2.5 starts' discussion I'd like initially to
>keep the syncppp api is but the pppd code going via generic ppp - and
>yes it would break configs.

>Clearly thats not 2.4 acceptable

I would agree that such a project would be 2.5 material.

I'll try to keep up with things on the list, but if this goes off-list,
I would appreciate being kept in the loop if possible. :) Thanks!
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