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SubjectRe: Dual Athlon on 2.2.19 ?

I have a dual athlon on the 760MP chipset.
2.2.20pre1 and 2 dont work. I got it to work partly after applying Johannes Erdfel's
760MP patch in io_apic.c. Even after applying the patch, there are messages like

hdc: IRQ probe failed(0)
hdd: IRQ probe failed(0)
hde: IRQ probe failed(0)

hdc: lost interrupt
hdc: lost interrupt

and then the machine hangs randomly. I an guessing the io_apic does not route the interrupts

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 01:02:11PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Is there a patch to make dual athlons work on 2.2.19 ? I know it work on
> > 2.4.3-pre1 with AA's patch.
> 2.2.20pre1 and 2.4.current should both work

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