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On Wed, 23 May 2001, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> Near line 55 of drivers/net/ there is code that reads like this:
> if [ "$CONFIG_MIPS_GT96100" = "y" ]; then
> bool ' MIPS GT96100 Ethernet support' CONFIG_MIPS_GT96100ETH
> fi
> All very well except that CONFIG_MIPS_GT96100 is never set (or even
> The simplest guess is that the guard part is just wrong. Can anybody shed
> any light on this?

The problem seems to be that the MIPS kernel tree isn't fully merged into
the official kernel tree. In the MIPS kernel tree arch/mips/

if [ "$CONFIG_MIPS_EV96100" = "y" ]; then
define_bool CONFIG_PCI y
define_bool CONFIG_MIPS_GT96100 y
define_bool CONFIG_SWAP_IO_SPACE y


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