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SubjectRe: write to dvd ram wrote:
> OK, I've asked this question four weeks in a row and received no response whatsoever.
This happens. So what? Nobody _promised_ you anything.
> Linux is supposed to be the OS where you can turn to the newsgroups/IRC and get able help.
Linux is the os where you often, but not necessarily will get help form
newsgroups and mailinglists. Particularly, try finding the _right_

> This is to those who couldn't lift a finger to help with this compile/driver problem:
Why would anyone lift a finger for you? Did _you_ ever help someone?
I (and many others) couldn't help because we don't know anything about
your driver and havent used UDF. Seek out those few who knows.
> Thanks for nothing, you arrogant snots. You don't know how much damage you do.

Damage? Nobody did any damage by not helping you. That's impossible
per definition. There are tasks for which linux aren't ready, maybe you
found one of them.

Helge Hafting
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