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> 've got a tyan s2520 motherboard (dual PIII + i840) which is having a 
> problem with APIC errors. I tried running with noapic, but there were
> still errors, although fewer. Does anyone have any idea what is going
> on? I'm running 2.4.4 and software raid5, which generates a lot of
> interrupts.

noapic only prevents that hardware interrupts are rerouted through the
io apic.

The inter processor interrupts still use the apic bus, and it's
impossible to use SMP without IPIs.

> Right now I'm running with noapic and nosmp and so far this seems to
> be working. I really would like to be able to use the second
> cpu so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

It could be a hardware problem, or the board uses an unusal io apic
that's not properly handled.
If you boot without noapic, are there any unusual message in the boot

unknown io apic
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