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SubjectRe: [PATCH] struct char_device
> Because we still need the partitioning code for backwards
> compatibility. There's no way I'm going to use initrd to do partition
> setup with lvmtools etc.

The current partitioning code consists of re-reading from disk. That is
code that has to be present anyway even without an initrd since it is needed
for mounting other filesystems

> Also, lvm and friends are _heavyweight_. The partitioning stuff should be
> _one_ add (and perhaps a range check) at bh submit time. None of this
> remapping crap. We don't need no steenking overhead for something we need
> to do anyway.

Thats the kind of LVM layer I am thinking in terms of, not a large block
of LVM code. And for that matter the partition scanner and modifying code
can even be seperate dynamic loaded modules.

At the moment ponder what happens if you have I/Os in flight to /dev/hda3
when you delete /dev/hda2


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