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SubjectRe: Busy on BLKFLSBUF w/initrd

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Maciek Nowacki wrote:

> > If you want to keep it until later (i.e. want to destiry it by hands)
> > mkdir /initrd on your final root and old one will be remounted there.
> > Again, "Trying to unmount old root ... okay" means that it already got
> > an equivalent of BKLFLSBUF
> Ah, okay.. I assumed this behavior had been removed. I will try this as well.

change_root() in 2.4.4 gives you explicit destroy_buffers(). In 2.4.5-pre5
it simply does BLKFLSBUF - calls ioctl_by_bdev(). And BLKFLSBUF boils
down to destroy_buffers().

I would really like to hear details re survival of the initrd contents.
I've looked at the way rd.c "protects" the data and it seems to be
b0rken - playing games with igrab() is not a good idea for driver...

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