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SubjectRe: [PATCH] include/linux/coda.h
Date said:
> Why is your cross compiler outputting different symbols to a linux
> native compiler ?

> If __linux__ is not defined by the cross compiler, then the cross
> compiler is broken. A cross compiler has the same environment as the
> native compiler for the target. The only stuff that should break (well
> should as in might) is tools native built

> Or am I misunderstanding the report ?

Why use a cross compiler? With the obvious exception of UML, the Linux
kernel is not a Linux executable, so why should it need to be compiled with
a compiler which targets such?

The kernel compiles quite happily with compilers which aren't targetted
specifically at Linux -- the CODA compatibility cruft being the one
exception. I often just comment out the CODA includes from <linux/fs.h> to
get round the same problem.


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