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SubjectRe: Just FYI...
On 22 May 2001, Michael Peddemors wrote:

> Hmmmm.. In principle this sounds good, but...
> This doesn't seem to be in best interest.. Taking it to the extreme,
> noone should code the linux kernel for buggy bios's, cards etc anymore
> either.. We should all tell em to upgrade their hardware?
> Almost every software application has made allowances for buggy or
> non-compliance systems. We should encourage their disuse, but should we
> play god?


Afaik, ECN can still be disabled to support buggy system. Enableing it by
default is a 'political' statement in the sense that we expect use
of the standard. Unfortunately the linux kernel can't detect miscompliance
on its own (if a site explicitly says: I don't support ECN this would be
already standard compliant).

I don't know about the benefits of the use of ECN, so I can't comment
if it makes sense to enable it by default on several distribs and here on
vger compared with the problems several people may experience.

It's an interesting experiment actually: Is the linux community powerful
enough to force vendors/people to fix their products and deploy updates to
comply to standards or can they just ignore it.



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