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SubjectRe: [PATCH] struct char_device

At 15:18 22/05/01, Alexander Viro wrote:
[snip cool stuff]
>diff -urN S5-pre4/include/linux/fs.h S5-pre4-cdev/include/linux/fs.h
>--- S5-pre4/include/linux/fs.h Sat May 19 22:46:36 2001
>+++ S5-pre4-cdev/include/linux/fs.h Tue May 22 09:14:25 2001
>@@ -384,6 +384,14 @@
> int gfp_mask; /* how to allocate the
> pages */
> };
>+struct char_device {
>+ struct list_head hash;
>+ atomic_t count;
>+ dev_t dev;
>+ atomic_t openers;
>+ struct semaphore sem;

Why not name consistently with the struct block_device?
struct char_device {
struct list_head cd_hash;
atomic_t cd_count;
dev_t cd_dev;
atomic_t cd_openers;
struct semaphore cd_sem;

>@@ -426,8 +434,10 @@
> struct address_space *i_mapping;
> struct address_space i_data;
> struct dquot *i_dquot[MAXQUOTAS];
>+ /* These three should probably be a union */
> struct pipe_inode_info *i_pipe;
> struct block_device *i_bdev;
>+ struct char_device *i_cdev;

You could then use an (perhaps even unnamed if we require a high enough gcc
version) union in the inode structure so you don't waste space having a
pointer to both c_dev and b_dev, such as:

union {
struct block_device *i_bdev;
struct char_device *i_cdev;

It isn't possible that both i_bdev and i_cdev are used at the same time, is
it? If it was my suggestion is obviously bogus...

Any reasons why my proposal would be a bad idea?

Best regards,


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